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My name is Victor Hopmans and this is my homepage. I studied biology at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. My specializations were animal physiology and bio-informatics.
The latter one is the cause, that I'm now working in the IT-business (information technology).
I'm jr. software engineer in the Dutch company Ordina West Nederland and my working terrain has less to do with biology, and more with Internet and intranets; I'm exploring the e-commerce.

Check out for instance Shell Polis, one of the projects in which I was participated. On my homepage I especially want to tell about a number of my hobbies. Of course I have for everyone, who wants to know more about a hobby, links to other homepages which have the same subject.

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Nothing is more interesting than researching your own family tree. The research of your family tree or genealogy doesn't only tell about their names, but also where they lived and their way of living, for example a severe religion or moving because of a profession.
Searching for your ancestors has not to be boring. But it's not only going through a number of old files. It's often first necessary to know where to search, in what files, in what place.
I will give a global overview about how genealogy works in the Netherlands. I will discuss a few of my search results. I will also give a list of all surnames, which occur in my family tree.

The data I've collected are presented in another section of my website. See Een genealogie van een familie Hopmans (A genealogy of a family called Hopmans). Please note that this area is in Dutch.

Check out this document called an introduction of genealogy (in the Netherlands).
To see a recent version of my biological family tree in Dutch, see my Kwartierstaat.

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I'm somebody who reads a lot. The last few years I've read mostly fantasy and also science fiction.
I want to mention a number of writers whose books I like.

First there is Roger Zelazny. With his Amber-series he created a worldview in which only one city was real: Amber. The remaining places and worlds are only shadows of that city, for instance Earth. Prince Corwin of Amber is the main character in the series, later followed by his son Merlin.

A writer with sense of humor is Terry Pratchett. His most famous series is undoubtedly the Discworld series. A flat world, carried by four elephants, who are carried by a big turtle - A'Tuin the Great -, who swims through space. The discworld is a sort of mirror of our world, situated in the Middle Ages.

Orson Scott Card is more a writer of science fiction. 'Ender wins' tells about the life of the boy Ender. His education points at a target: to neutralize an alien race that once tried to colonize Earth. At the end Ender destroys without knowing their homeworld.
In the next book - 'Speaker of the Dead' - Ender tries to undo the wrongdoing.

Please check out my Links-Page to examine a number of links leading to pages dedicated to these writers.

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Civilization II

One of the best strategic games ever is Civilization II of MicroProse. It's a turn-based game in which you and six other civelizations try to develop and become the best. In this process you build cities and units. With the units you'll protect your cities, attack your enemies, and explore the world.
That's one part of the story. The other part is to develop new technologies, which enable you to build better units, new buildings in your cities, and new world wonders.
To get even more variation - every time you play, you'll have a new world - there are a lot of scenario's to play with new units and new technologies.
Because there are a lot of creative people on the Internet, there are a lot of new painted units, amazing scenerio's and so on. There is also a lot of discussion about different strategies and tactics.
My part in all this information will be a - most small - discussion of some strategies, tactics, tips and tricks, which you could use in the game. Of course you can play Civ2 in the way you like, but it's always nice to try something else. Therefore visit my Civilization II Strategies.

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Bud Spencer & Terence Hill

Movies of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill are most of the time action comedies. Because I like them I've made a page with a database of titles of their movies. Visit The Movies of Bud Spencer & Terence Hill and see for yourself.

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