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The Movies of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill

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I have liked movies of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill for a long time. I saw my first movies on German television. I couldn't understand German in those days (I'm Dutch), but the movies amused me. Maybe I should also mention here that Dutch television didn't broadcast a lot Bud Spencer and/or Terence Hill movies. :(
Later when I learned German in highschool, I began to appreciate the dialogues also.
This was in a few words how I became a fan...
An annoyance which I have encountered serveral times is the problem with the title. Because the movies are in several languages (Italian, English, German and so on) it's difficult to recognize a movie from its title. Therefore I'm trying to collect as many titles as possible of every movie made by Bud Spencer and/or Terence Hill.

Some additional information is also available (pictures, casts, abstracts).

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Terence's 70th birthday is coming up! If you would like to congratulate him, you might join the HAPPYTERENCE project from Terenthy, a Czech fan!

DVD: the newest medium The movies of our two heroes are released on DVDs these days. That's the main reason to open a completely new section on this site: Bud and Terence on DVD. Here you'll find all released DVDs from around the world, all regions, all languages.

Where in the world is Bud and Terence? This is the first challenge on the new page The Challenge by Steve May from Australia. Dare!

Vocation Detective is the newest movie of Terence Hill in which he plays the role of a priest. This movie will be on the Italian television next autumn. With thanks to Andrea Barone, who gave me this information.

At last! More information will be added to this site. I had the last few months not enough time and barely internet connection. But now I've got and job and internet connection, so let's go back to work!
Maybe you saw (it's very difficult not to notice) that these pages are again located on a new location. I hope this will be forever...

Virtual Weapon is the title of a movie of Terence Hill from 1996, directed by Anthony M. Dawson. The story is from Ferdie Pacheo and Jess Hill. Terence Hill plays the role of detective Skimms, who returns to Miami after seven years of work in Washington. Not only an old collegue, Mike Davies (played by Marvin Hagler), expects him, but also some bad guys: a bomb turns the computerexpert Skimms who hunts on the bomb-expert Van Axel into a computerhologram. Van Axel kidnaps Lily, the daughter of Skimms' old partner to force Mike Davies, to stop his search for Van Axel. Lily can set directions for the virtual Skimms with her joystick.

This page has a new face as you can see. I hope this intro-page is now easier to use this intro-page for news (if you want to write some, you're welcome!) and to direct you to the pages you may be interested in. If you have suggestions or remarks, please e-mail me.

   Victor Hopmans,
           your webmaster.

Watch out, we're mad

  • Credits for all Hungarian titles goes to Zsolt Szaniszlo.
  • I also wish to thank Willem-Johan van de Beek who provided me with some screenshots and also helped me with ideas for my homepage. Thanks!
  • Also thanks to Harald Lausegger, who helped me to correct some errors and gave a lot of info about casts.
  • Thanks to Marc Pignol for the contribution of a number of French titles.
  • A lot of thanks to Maria-Elena LaFlam who scanned a lot covers of Terence Hill movies.
  • Much thanks to Tina Holt for the contribution of a number of Danish titles. Even more thanks for the contribution of the biographies!
  • Thanks to Philippe Lombard who provided me with quite a lot French titles. He wrote also the first article for the section The Column.
  • A lot of thanks to Marcelo Cid from Chile who provided me with circa 50 Spanish titles.
Of course, if you want to help me with this page, just mail me.
(For people who are asking themselves if I do also work on these pages, the answer is 'yes' - surprised? :) )

Bud Spencer & Terence Hill: Crime Busters

Music on a page is most of the time fun, especially the music of 'your' movie. The problem with tracks is the size. Therefore I decided to use the so called MP3-format, to play music of good quality using little space on the hard disk. To listen to these soundtracks you need a MP3-player. I advise WinAmp, which is completely free.
Click here to go to the WinAmp download page.

Listen to the music... End of title song from They Call Me Trinity
when you see him with his gun...

Bud Spencer as Rizzo (The knock out cop)
Where to buy?

There are a lot people round, who want to buy Bud Spencer and/or Terence Hill movies by using the Internet. There are indeed places on the net where people can order movies, but most of the time it's difficult to find the right place. To help all who are looking for a certain Bud Spencer and/or Terence Hill movie, I made a page full of links to such places. Visit my Where to buy? page if you have intentions of buying some movies.
Because they are also fans who want to sell or trade (one of) their movies, this database contains a Requests Page.

Do you know more?
If you notice that some information is wrong or you have more information about a movie, please mail me.

Find your movie!
Just look in the index for the movie you don't know and find out what it's called in other languages. Maybe you recognize the movie now!
Let's see some "statistics". This database contains 154 movies (57 with only Bud Spencer, 79 with only Terence Hill, and 18 with both).
The number of titles is much more: already 711 in 13 different languages! To be more precise: 172 English titles (24.2%), 130 in German (18.3%), and 143 in Italian (20.1%) are the highest numbers. Most titles are from Bud Spencer only movies: 291 (40.9%). This database contains 237 titles from Terence Hill only movies (33.3%), and 183 titles from movies with both (25.7%).
They made in the seventies the most movies together (8 of 18).
(last updated: oktober 2000)

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