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Help & About

  • This search engine searches only in the titles of the database of The Movies of Bud Spencer & Terence Hill.
  • You can search for more than one keyword at the same time.
  • There are no boolean operators acknowledged (no AND, OR, NOT etc.).
  • Keywords have to consist out of more than two characters.
  • Clear the keywords field by using the button "Clear".
  • You may add a keyword from the list. Just choose one or more.
  • Because of the number of titles available in the database, searching can take quite a time. You can reduce the time needed for the search process by selecting:
    • the kind of movie: movies with only Bud Spencer, movies with only Terence Hill, or movies with both
    • the language(s): there are titles in a number of languages, select only the appropriate
    • the period(s): 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s.
    • the extras which should be present: a cast, pictures, an abstract, screen shots, links, sounds or wise words.
  • By selecting the checkbox "Case sensitive" you can make your search more particular. But be careful with this feature, you could miss easily the title you were looking for.
  • By selecting the checkbox "Treat the words as one phrase" you tell the search engine that the words you give as keywords, are in fact ONE search string, with ALL SPACES.
  • By selecting the checkbox "Auto-refresh # titles" you will not influence the search, but it will make it easier to see how many titles will be searched. Every time you change one of the other checkboxes (movies, languages or periods) the number of titles that will be searched will be counted. Because this is a "heavy" option, it is optional. You can also hit the button "Count # titles".
  • Special characters in titles like ä, ë, Ú etc. are registered in this search engine as the special character says. So the key "für" will result in a title with "für" in it, while the key "fur" or "fuer" will not.
  • The status of the search process is given in the statusbar of the opened window.
  • The results are presented in the following way. Titles are grouped per number of keywords that fit into the title. In each group the titles are sorted in ascending order. The number of keywords fitting in the title is given between brackets in front of the title. Behind the title you'll find information about the period, who's playing in the movie, and the language of the title (e.g. DAN=Danish, ENG=English, GER=German, ITA=Italian etc.).
  • Each title listed in the results is a link to the corresponding movie in The Movies of Bud Spencer & Terence Hill.
  • It's possible to save your settings, your preferences for this search engine. Your preferences are saved on your own machine by using a cookie. You can simply update your changed preferences by clicking on the "Save Preferences"-button. The cookie on your machine will then be replaced by a new one. By using the "Delete Preferences"-button the cookie on your machine will be replaced by a new cookie, which will be recognized by your browser and your browser will delete the cookie.
  • Every time you'll enter this page your preferences are loaded from your machine. If you don't have any preferences set, you will be asked if you want to. You can't block this question.
  • If you get a pop up window from your browser (a security alert) to notify you that the web site wants to save information on your machine (or in other words wants to set a cookie), just click OK to save the preferences. Check the checkbox in the security alert window if you don't want to see this kind of security alert anymore. By the way cookies can't damage your system and they expire after a certain time. Only the site which set a specific cookie, can load the specific cookie. In this way your privacy is protected.
  • This search engine is working properly with Netscape version 3 and higher and MSIE version 4.
  • This search engine is totally written in JavaScript by © Victor Hopmans, january 1999. Mail me if you have remarks, suggestions or problems.

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