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Where to buy?

It's always nice to get some information about a movie of your favorite actor. But it's also nice to know where to get that movie! Therefore I surfed a little bit on the Internet to find places where they sell movies of Bud Spencer and/or Terence Hill.

These pages are not intended to sell movies, just to inform people where they can buy Bud Spencer and/or Terence Hill Movies. The owner of this page will gain no profit from these links.

When you want to buy a movie, watch the following:
  • Which video format do you want?
    • Is it PAL (common in Europe), NTSC (common in USA, Canada, Japan) or SECAM (common in France)?
    • Is it VHS (common these days) or BETA (old type)?

    Check out you video recorder, because most of the video recorders can't play all of these video formats.
  • Which language do you want?
  • Do you want the language spoken, dubbed or subtitled?
  • Do they ship to your country?

An alphabetical list
And now my list, which should make your search on the Internet something easier. I checked all these places December 1999.
Please check out also the Fans Requests Page where fans try to sell or trade their movies.
Note that links of movies do NOT go to the store on the Internet, but to The Movies of Bud Spencer & Terence Hill database.
Links to places where they sell other items:

Not on the web, but still...
  • If you're looking for rare Bud Spencer and/or Terence Hill movies, try: Rene M. Hogguer, Cine City, P.O. Box 1710, 1200 BS Hilversum, The Netherlands. Phone: 31 35 6210234. Fax: 31 35 6248470.
    Periodically he sends out catalogues.
    You can also reached him by e-mail:
    And these days he's working on a website, check out

If you know a place where you can buy movies of Bud Spencer and/or Terence Hill, mail me.
Also addresses of places where they sell other Bud Spencer and/or Terence Hill related items, like posters or movie scripts, are welcome.

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