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Banana Joe (Banana Joe) December 1999 Ben and Kid (Watch out, we're mad) November 1999 October 1999
  • Music added:
    • full tune of Super-Snooper (1981) (2:28).
  • A new request has come in. James (DjangoJim) offers a number of posters, stills and other items of Bud Spencer & Terence Hill movies. Check it out at the Fan Requests Page.
  • Problem partly solved!!! The music My name is Nobody, and They call me Trinity is available again.
    Some of the big music files can NOT be downloaded anymore!
    The Crosswinds server on which I stored these files deleted my account.:-( This means that the songs of Dune Buggy, My name is Nobody, Sheriff and They call me Trinity are currently unavailable for download.
    The other music files are still available (e.g. The five men army, Double trouble )
    I'll try to find a new place for these files as quickly as possible.
  • Music added:
  • I've added a new information table about the new TV series with Terence Hill although the production status is still filming. It's called Vocazione Detective.
  • Casts added:
    • Rita the kid (1967)
  • Casts corrected/extended:
    • Cast of Hannibal (1959).
    • Cast of Viva Django (1967).
    • Cast of Il vero e il falso (1971).
    • Cast of My name is Nobody (1973).
    • Cast of Watch out, we're mad (1973).
    • Cast of Super-Snooper (1981).
    • Cast of Lucky Luke (1990).
    • Cast of Virtual weapon (1996).
Black Stan (Rita the Kid) September 1999
  • A new page called The Gallery is added to this site. This is the place where I'll put pictures and photos which aren't from a movie.
  • Pictures added:
    • Lucky Luke (1990)
  • Screenshots added:
    • Rita the Kid (1967)
    • Blackie, the pirate (1971)
  • Music added:
August 1999
  • A new page called The Column is added to this site. It's a place for articles and stories written by fans about Bud, Terence, their movies etc.
    Many thanks to Philippe Lombard, who wrote the first article called Once upon a time.... Enjoy it!
  • Music added:
July 1999 June 1999
  • A new request has come in. Lalit Dukkipati is looking for a poster of Terence Hill. Check it out at the Fan Requests Page.
  • The Biographies of Bud Spencer & Terence Hill are now available. Both are written by Tina Holt. Thanks Tina!
  • Virtual Weapon will be broadcasted on channel M6 (French), Monday 28 June at 8.50 pm. See also the TV guide of M6.
  • Screenshots added:
    • Go for it (1983)
  • The 'mystery-picture' wasn't a succes. Maybe it was too difficult. The four wheels explained: Some glue on the road made the wheels stick to road while the car continued... And the scene is from "Go for it".
  • Links added:
    • Rita in the west (1967)(to posters)
    • Viva Django (1967)(to posters)
  • The music file of They call me Trinity was not downloadable due to an incorrect reference. I fixed it; my apologies for the inconvenience.
Mesito (The five men army) May 1999
  • Links added:
    • Pecado de amor (1961)(About the composer; also added to the Links page)
  • A number of errors has been corrected. The picture of "God forgives... I don't" appeared to be a picture of I Quattro Dell'Ave Maria. The movie title "Deux super flics" is an alternate title for Crime Busters and not from "Thieves and robbers". With thanks to Philippe Lombard.
  • I've improved the power of the search engine in such a way that I'm now possible to create a link to my search engine, set certain preferences, fill in a keyword and start a search. To give a few examples:
    All English titles of "Trinity" movies
    All English titles of movies which have a music file.
  • I found an article about Terence Hill as Father Brown on the Italian television. Click here to go to this article.
  • Music added:
    • the song of They call me Trinity (1969) (in MP3-format)
    • the tune of We are angels (1995/96) (in MP3-format)
  • The movie title "Spy hunt in Vienna" is an alternate title for Schüsse im 3/4 Takt. With thanks to Philippe Lombard.
  • Screenshots added:
April 1999
  • The specials have been updated. Check it out at the Intro page.
  • The request of Richard Stewart has been extended. He offers now also a number of stills. Check it out at the Fan Requests Page.
  • A new request has come in. Richard Stewart is offering a number of movie posters. Check it out at the Fan Requests Page.
  • Thanks to John Hoffsis an error is corrected: Tracking for Trouble is an alternative title for the movie Piedone lo sbirro.
  • The Search Engine is improved. It's now possible to set a filter about the extras (cast, pictures etc.) which should be present.
  • Pictures added:
Charlie and Alan (Who finds a friend, finds  treasure) March 1999
  • Music added:
  • The Search Engine contains now all titles within this database.
  • A technical problem is solved for Internet Explorer 3 users. There was some script that this browser did not understand. Now a user which use IE 3 can also click again on a CAST-picture for instance and the window with the cast is opened. Note: for the Search Engine you'll need Netscape 3 or higher or Internet Explorer 4 or higher.
    If you're interested, this is what happened. I use JavaScript and Microsoft uses JScript, which is said to understand the JavaScript as well. I used a feature which allowed me to keep the scripts in a seperate file. Though the JScript documentation told me that this feature would work also for the Internet Explorer, was this not true for IE 3. For now I've skipped the use of that feature (<SCRIPT SRC='somefile.js'>).
  • Pictures added:
  • A new request has come in. Karen Welbourn is looking for a Don Camillo movie. Check it out at the Fan Requests Page.
  • The Links Page is extended with a few links to some movie databases.
  • Links added:
    • Don Camillo (1983)
February 1999
  • Movie added with Terence Hill: Der Schut (1964); also cast added;
  • A new request has come in. Tobias Landes is looking for two movies. Check it out at the Fan Requests Page.
  • The Search Engine is improved. You can set your own preferences, which will be used every time you'll use the search engine. (If you're interested in how it's done, check out the help & about of the Search Engine and learn something about cookies.)
  • It's easier to see what's new for you. Only items which are new for you, have that little image "New!" in front of the description. Note: this starts when you've read this message. (The date of your visit will be stored in a cookie.)
  • Pictures added:
January 1999 December 1998
  • Please bookmark this new location at .
  • The intro-page has a new face.
  • Screenshots added:
  • Pictures added:
  • Corrected/extended:
October 1998 September 1998 Bud Spencer as Rizzo in action (The knock out cop) August 1998 July 1998 Terence Hill as Don Camillo June 1998 May

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